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Double RL: Vintage, Timeless, and Distinctively Ralph Lauren

Double RL: 270 Mulberry Street

Double RL: 270 Mulberry Street
Double RL : Leather Belts
Double RL : Wovens
Double RL : Denim
Double RL : Classic T-Shirts
Double RL: Outerwear and Sweaters
Double RL: Runway

The Double RL store (at 271 Mulberry Street)  featured unique displays which showcased the line.  Store displays featured vintage Indian motorcycles, wooden airplane propellors, ranch worn leather saddles, antique desks and bookcases, vintage black and white photography, and other props collected to compliment but not overwhelm the brand.  Double RL also featured some one-of-a-kind (non Double RL) items that were specially chosen to compliment the look and feel of the store and brand. 
The result was truly a lesson in fashion merchandising...   





Enter the world of Ralph Lauren...